Thursday, August 7, 2008

Golden Baked Cluster Crunch

I think this cereal is bipolar. It has incredible highs (the first bite) and terrifying lows (the rest of the bowl). Golden Baked is obviously code for burnt inedible chunks of excrement. It made me feel like there was a drought in my mouth. You could drink a bottle of Jameson like Jimmy McNulty from tv's The Wire, and wake up with your mouth feeling like the Sahara desert. Or you could just swallow a mouthful of this. Jimmy McNulty had sex with babes. I'd be surprised if 2's would even look at you after the foul stench seeping from your body after a spoonful of this gem. 

Jameson 4 stars
This - 0. 

I'm with the Irish on this one. They don't often get it wrong. Okay maybe u2. and that dude from the Corrs. 

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