Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lucky Charms

If you haven't tried Lucky Charms then you probably listen to 30 Seconds to Mars. You probably wear Cargo pants. You probably lined up for Sex and the City 2. Your boyfriend probably cheats on you. You probably auditioned for Big Brother. You still think Jagerbombs are hip. You sleep with Pumpkin patch dolls. Your favorite part of Dodgeball was when that Apple Mac nerd kissed that blonde whore, and not when he got hit in the balls by a wrench. You pre-order Dan Brown books. You're adopted. Those pimples are there forever. You could never understand those MAD Magazine fold ins because you can't even fold. You have pet names for everything in your life because all of your real pets hung themselves. Your grandpa fought in a World War for your freedom and this is how you repaid him?

12 stars

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