Monday, July 14, 2008

Toppings/Extras etc.

There's a few things i don't like about my country. I don't like it how Weezer never tour, i don't like it that my football team never wins, and most of all i don't like it that after doing this blog for a month i'm already a third of the way through the cereals my local supermarket stocks on their shelves. If variety is the spice of life then Australia is coriander. Is that even a spice? Probably not but all i know is that nobody likes it. So i'm gonna break things up a little and review some toppings. If a cereal is any good it'll only need milk, but alas, like Weezer albums now the bad outweigh the good and toppings are almost essential.

Bananas are only good when made into Gwen Stefani songs or frozen into paddle pops.

Yogurt is for men. I remember reading in some hipster magazine that yogurt was for pussies. Oh yeah? Would a pussy nail a near perfect game on Wii bowling? I don't think so.

This is incredible. Sometimes you'll be pouring a little brown sugar on your cereal just to give it a tad more flavor, you know just a couple of table spoons worth, and a massive rock of the stuff will just fall into your bowl. This will be the highlight of your week, possibly year.

If hippies had their own country, soy milk would be the national flag. And national dish. And the national currency. Their national anthem would probably be an Enya song. Why people start drinking this stuff is beyond me. "oh the girl down at the local coffee shop convinced me to give it a go!" Well the girl down at the local coffee shop hasn't washed her hair for 3 years and she has a homemade tattoo that says hummus til' death.


SHanelle Hartley said...

HAHA, u are so funny Brendy

I like honey as a topping.. mmm yummy


Andrew said...


Anonymous said...

The comment made me laugh because it was funny, not because it's true. Real hippies don't use soy milk, its production is too damaging on the environment. Calcium carbonate is also a manly ingredient of the stuff, it is basically...crushed bone.