Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I don't go to the doctors very often. I caught like 15 minutes of House one night and i think i got a pretty good grasp on the whole medicine thing. That's where this cereal lost me. "You've gotta be made of Milo". What? I was under the impression we were made up of mostly blood cells, bones and organs, it took me by surprise that i had to be made of Milo. Nestle are pretty crazy about making their drinks into cereals. I wish they weren't. The packet looks like spew, which is what will inevitably happen to you soon afterward. They like to use words like "wicked" and "max" (i think its short for maximum can't be sure though) in an attempt to sell this turgid batch of balls. I bet that's how they lured the kid on the front to sign up to be the face of Milo. Buzzwords. I bet they told him he'd be huge. Well let me tell you "bro", i know two people who ride bmx's and neither of them are famous. That's 100% of people i know who ride bmx's who aren't famous. Statistics don't lie. Here's another stat for you "man". 100% of people in my bedroom made the call that they'd rather ride a baby blue Vespa for the rest of their life, than eat another bowl of this vile, putrid, wretched and offensive excuse of a meal. The most important one of the day no less.

0 stars.

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