Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Is this how kids used to learn the alphabet before the television started raising families? No wonder it took so long for cool stuff to be invented like the internet and that show The Real World. Shit teaches you nothing. My packet had zero vowels, i thought one time i might've seen an I but i think it was just an N that had snapped in 3. I'm pretty sure the B on the front of the pack doesn't even need glasses, he just realized A is into Of Montreal and thinks ridiculously large frames might win her over. Nice try dude but probably try some pointy shoes or i see C running away with you girl. But really how bad are that band. Moving on though breakfast time is not a time for learning, clearly why this cereal is still on the market as the only thing you'll gain from this is an A+ in frowning. 

0 stars.

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